“Where can we turn for answers that make sense not just of the intellectual questions we all ask but also of the experience of life? What of our questions about purpose and meaning, of love and identity? The Christian Faith offers credible answers that don’t just satisfy our intellectual scrutiny but make sense of life.”

Speaking globally into questions of faith, culture, leadership and theology 
Amy Orr-Ewing shares how the Christian worldview can help us make sense of life's biggest questions

Amy is passionate about the intersection of questions of meaning and faith with the marketplace, education, leadership and policymaking. She speaks with a unique combination of warmth, humour and rigorous insight. Whether she is speaking about theology, the scriptures or pressing contemporary questions, her stories and experiences make her presentations accessible and memorable. Amy welcomes questions and is comfortable with an open Q&A format.

Amy frequently speaks at conferences, outreach events, podcasts and churches as well as being invited into secular settings including the boardrooms of banks and the lecture theatres of universities.


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Facing the Canon: Where Is God In A Suffering World?
Is Christianity Bad News For Women?
Can I Trust The Bible?
Origins and Meaning
Where is God in all the suffering?
Is the Bible sexist?

What's New? Amy Orr-Ewing Leadership Development

Leadership: A Calling, A Discipleship, A Journey

A leader is a person who others are inspired and empowered by. A skilled creative leader can draw out ideas and initiatives bringing a team around a vision and creating an innovative culture that doesn't settle but keeps moving forward for excellence.

Leadership should reignite creativity, imagination and hope in your organisation.

I believe that excellent leaders are not self-orientated; they grow other leaders around them and create positive impact far beyond themselves. An unsung but utterly critical leadership attribute is humility – when this is in evidence the good of the goal and the good of the team come ahead of ego or personality. But this quality needs to be honed and cultivated.

As a follower of Jesus – one of the most influential people to have ever lived, yet known for his kindness, humility and power to change and transform lives – I would like to be a part of more transformative and creative leadership consultations that seek the best for others, ask the right questions and empower diverse people to fulfil their visions as teams and organisations.

My leadership coaching philosophy centres around five core principles modelled by Jesus to transform our approach and direction together as leaders.

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"Effective leadership spots the potential in others and amplifies the voices and talents of diverse people, giving others the opportunity to grow and flourish safely."

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