Six Principles of Trauma Informed Care June 30, 2021

Six Principles of Trauma Informed Care

As I process trauma I have come to realise that safety is a big word.  

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration of the USA, there are 6 principles to trauma-informed care. I've listed these below:   

•    Safety.
•    Trustworthiness and transparency.
•    Peer support and mutual self-help.
•    Collaboration and mutuality.
•    Empowerment voice, and choice.
•    Cultural, historical, and gender issues.


The top of the list for trauma-informed care is safety.

Our spiritual, physical, relational, locational, personal safety matters. Following spiritual abuse, we need rest and healing and safety. Following physical trauma, our bodies and minds need time and safe physical spaces where we know we will not be harmed. If we have experienced control, domination, cancel culture or gaslighting by individuals or committees it can be traumatic.


We need safe people – people who get it. People who love us. People who don’t have an agenda to use, dominate, silence or control us.

The Old Testament has a word that seems to encapsulate this – Shalom. God wants us to have shalom. And this will mean spiritual safety – peace with God and deliverance from shame, condemnation or control. But I believe it also involves people and places. Trauma recovery happens in beautiful and safe space with beautiful and safe people. Stampwell Farm and Latimer Minster has offered this to me – a beautiful place and a small community of trusted, safe people in the context of the manifest presence of a loving God.


Find your people, find your place and let a loving God find you.


Photo credit: 'Sound II - Anthony Gormley @ Winchester Cathedral Crypt - "Reflections" Assignment' by slynkycat, CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 Generic.


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