Support Amy November 30, 2021

Support Amy

Dr Amy Orr-Ewing Ministry Project

We are seeking support for Dr Amy Orr-Ewing’s evangelistic ministry from 2021 onwards. For the last 23 years Amy has been working as a Christian theologian, evangelist and apologist. Amy has spoken at universities, business and government settings including the UK Parliament Speakers Rooms, The West Wing of the White House and many Fortune 500 Companies.  We are seeking support for Amy to continue sharing the gospel in person at events and online, and to go on creating evangelistic books and other media that answer the questions and objections to faith. Her books include the best selling Why Trust the Bible?, But is it Real? and Where is God in All the Suffering?


The work

  • Research, preparation and writing;
  • Creation of apologetics media – social media, mainstream media, videos, animations etc;
  • Direct evangelism – university, government, business and church;
  • Evangelism training, mentoring younger leaders and speakers around the world;
  • Bible teaching;
  • Online ministry events.


How can I support?

Amy Orr-Ewing Ministry Support is a project of The Minster Fellowship. Any gifts designated for this project will be allocated directly to this project. If you would like to see a budget breakdown please email [email protected]


The Minster Fellowship is a Charitable Company registered at Companies House (Company No. 7299797) and the Charity Commission (Charity No. 11375700)


Bank details:

Barclays Bank

Sort Code 20-45-45

Account Number 33007162

Account name: The Minster Fellowship


IBAN – GB67 BARC 204545330071 62

Reference: A O-E Ministry Support


Registered address: The Minster Fellowship, Applebarn, Bull Lane, Gerrards Cross, SL98RH, UK.


The Minster Fellowship is able to claim an additional 25% on all donations from UK tax payers if you are a UK tax payer please contact [email protected]


Donations from America can be made directly through the IBAN number or if donating through a 501C the Minster Fellowship is eligible to receive donations through CADF America.


Alternatively you can give directly through The Minster Fellowship Paypal Account


Amy's Bookshelf

Discover and peruse through Amy's own bookshelf where you'll find a selection of Amy's all-time favourite books that continue to shape her thinking and heart for ministry.

Amy's Bookshelf

Upcoming Events

Discover upcoming speaking events for Amy Orr-Ewing and book your place online or in person. See you there!

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