On Conservation September 20, 2021

On Conservation

Did you know that far underground there is a web a kind of communication and nourishment network connecting mushrooms across the land? it is called the mycelial network. Industrial farming techniques digging deep into the earth with machines have broken those chains of connection that transfer water, carbon, nitrogen and other nutrients and minerals in to the land. Without the damage of industrialisation these networks otherwise go for miles and keep the land fruitful and fertile.


In our conservation work at Stampwell Farm, Latimer Minster we are seeking to honour the creator and care for creation. In doing this we are constantly reminded that God speaks through his creation and I have been struck by how many parallels there are between the scarring of creation and the damage done to people, communities, businesses and churches.


Industrial and managerial systems have wrought great harm upon people and communities, severing unseen connections that have enormous value but can’t be monetised or quantified in a spread sheet. The celebrity culture and cancel culture are both out workings of this. We have so much to learn from the Celts as we as Christians heal from the ravages of greed and the brutality of industrial methods in the church.


The mycelial network is healing and growing again in the U.K. – may we say the same of the church as the wind of the spirit blows through our weary souls, connecting people and churches and communities. Preparing us to grow, nourishing us with beauty and peace, connecting us to others in uncensored freedom and calling us onwards and forwards in an invisible, advancing Kingdom.


Photo by Runde Imaging on Unsplash


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